What is the CX Trinity?

Welcome to the CX Trinity; a look at how we talk to our customers, the content we provide for them, and the contexts in which they consume it. But before we start let’s take a closer look at why I called my latest book CX Trinity?

  • CX is a regularly used abbreviation for Customer Experience and often used as a hashtag in various social media platforms when talking about the subject.
  • Trinity comes form my belief that any good customer experience is driven by a combination of three thing:
    • Meeting the customer‘s needs
    • Delivering the right content to help the customer
    • Understanding the context of where, when, and how the customer is interacting with you

That’s why I divided this book into three distinct sections: Customer, Content, and Context.

The subtitle, Musing and Observations on the Evolving Customer Experience, gives a hint that what follows are personal anecdotes, encounters, and thoughts on what it means to be a customer in a rapidly changing world where the line between the physical and digital customer experience is continuously shifting. These observations, ideas, and thoughts are pulled together in a collection of 52 essays that originally appeared as blog posts either here on my Content Pool blog, on LinkedIn, or on the CMS Wire website.

Why 52 essays? While you are more than welcome to read CX Trinity straight through, I realize that many of you are busy and maybe only have a few minutes to spare. So 52 essays means that you could set aside maybe 15 minutes or so once a week; grab a cup of coffee, tea, or other beverage; and have a year’s worth of ideas to consume, digest, and maybe learn from. Or you could just dip in and try an essay on a subject or topic that’s of particular interest at any given moment. It’s all up to you.

Whichever way you chose to consume this content, and whatever the context, I hope that you will enjoy the experience.